art + thoughts
  • First sketches using my new #surfacepro3, Very pleased!

    random boy + Spectrum (a trans-female superhero w/ light powers!)

  • Crystal (organic crystal body, light focusing) and Leather Daddy (Super strength, pheromone powers), more villains for my Power Bottom story!

  • Circuit Queen, Android boyfriend of X-static.

  • a quick sketch of X-static, one of the villains in Power Bottom’s rogue’s gallery. He has hallucinogenic skin and enjoys sending his opponents on epic mind benders with his powers.

  • Finally got around to redesigning one of my original characters from my Queer Super Heroes project, Power Bottom (he’s super from the waist down, obvi) :P

    I thought he needed some extra protection up top if he was going to be fighting crime. 

  • meanderingwhale:

    My spx recap: Can we talk about how awesome Jason Tseng's Queer Super Heroes Starter Deck is?

    It’s not part of an official game (yet) but when me and silentninjadesu saw that one of the superheroes was named “Power Bottom”, we knew we had to buy it immediately. Other superheroes include The Poof (contemporary of Oscar Wilde!), the Stone Butch (cursed with gargoyleism), and Otter Boy (who uses his Otter powers “to defend magical animals everywhere”!). Now me and ‘Ninja have a new mission: to spread the word about this deck until we bring a new age of queer justice (and puns) to everyone!

    Wow… do I have like… fans? #giddy

    I’m so glad these characters brought someone as much joy as they bring me! :) <3

  • Reflections on Structural Oppression, or that time a white lady tried to cut me in line

    After several days at an arts conference where much of the focus of the convening was on diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice, I have been thinking a lot about the best ways to talk about structural oppression to people with a lot of privilege (race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.). Often times the person will push back with something like, “I may do something or say something oppressive, but that wasn’t my intent. I didn’t mean to be racist/sexist/homophobic/etc.” Or someone will write off an oppressive action as being “Oh, that person’s just an idiot. Don’t pay attention to them.” To me, it’s really important to call attention to the fact that while individual actions can definitely be motivated by racism/sexism/homophobia/classism/etc., you don’t need to be malicious to invoke privilege.

    I had an experience today that I thought really illustrated this concept, and I wanted to put my thoughts down on the experience so that A) I don’t forget it, and B) maybe someone else might find it useful when talking about these kinds of issues.

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  • Jumping on the Lady Knights meme. This was heavily inspired by Merida from Brave. I’d like to think that they’d be besties. and drink steins of beer together.

  • i always thought psylocke needed more tech. Very much inspired by kristaferanka's psylocke.

  • really quick redesigns of (almost all) of the All New X-men. Just wanted to flex my design muscles…. :)